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EOL - Zero-Waste Foaming Hand Soap Tablets

EOL - Zero-Waste Foaming Hand Soap Tablets

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Say goodbye to plastic hand soap containers with these simple-to-use, zero waste soap tablets. Natural and non-toxic, our soap tablets wash away germs with a moisturizing yet effective cleansing formula.  

Simply fill with water and drop in a tablet for 250mL of foaming hand soap to wash away dirt and grime.

Each tablet makes 250ml of moisturizing hand soap and lasts 6 weeks on average with frequent usage.

Ingredients: Citric acid*, sodium benzoate, sodium dodecyl sulfate*, sodium bicarbonate, sodium lauroyl glutamate*, glycerin*, disodium EDTA (salt derivative), polyethylene glycol, fragrance*


Available in the follwing scents:

- Lemon Love

- Wild Lavender
- Coconut Breeze
- Pink Grapefruit
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