Friendsheep - Willow the Deer Eco Ornament / Freshener

Friendsheep - Willow the Deer Eco Ornament / Freshener

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Lost in the gentle dreams of woodland meadows, Willow the Deer captures the delicate charm of the beauty of nature, lending a touch of organic grace to your festive decor.

Friendsheep eco ornaments are handmade by gently shaping organic wool with soap, water and hand pressure. Then delicately hand sewn details, from their nose to the eyes, their majestic antlers and cute ears, give our sweet characters their unique personality.

Willow the Roe Deer set is a proud member of our #adoptdontshop line, ensuring that with every purchase, you're playing a role in benefiting animal rescues.

Measuring approximately 4.5"x3".

While they invoke childhood memories with their tender innocence, they are not intended as childrens toys.
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