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Salus - Herbal Salt Soak - 11.5 oz

Salus - Herbal Salt Soak - 11.5 oz

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Salus Herbal Salt Soak series 11.5 oz:

- Muscle Ease helps to ease tense and sore muscles and joints with eucalyptus, peppermint, and lavender.

- Stress Away is calming and relaxing to the body and senses with pure lavender essential oil and a mixture of chamomile, lavender buds and rose petals.

Both are packed with high mineral content and nutrients to leave your body relaxed and refreshed with Himalayan Salts, Dead Sea Salts, Epsom Salts, Essential Oils, and Dried Herbs. 

Each Herbal Salt Soak comes packed in a clear glass container with a cork lid.

Add a few spoonful directly to the bath water, OR to keep dried herbs from floating around the tub, scoop a few spoonful into the muslin bag, tie at the top, and toss into the bath. When done, turn bag inside out and wash the herbs down the drain. Let the bag air dry until it's next use.

Made in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
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