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Upcycled Glassware - Handmade Lantern Votive

Upcycled Glassware - Handmade Lantern Votive

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Seed of Life Designed Lantern Votive, Upcycled & Handmade

Great for your home or a gift! Our Upcycled Glassware is ethically hand-crafted in Egypt in partnership with a social enterprise with a mission to economically empower marginalized women from Badr City near Cairo, creating innovative products using recycled materials. A team of 20+ skilled women artisans created our beautiful hand-crafted glassware collection.

Clear Glass with Clay Base, comes packaged in a recycled box.

Production Process:
- Bottles and jars are collected. The collected recycled glassware then gets properly washed and prepared to be upcycled into innovative functional products.
- Using heat, the artisans start the process of cutting the glass evenly.
- The artisans then start to carefully grind each glass creating a smooth finish. - The last step in the process the glass is decorated and sandblasted.
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