Wildflower Greeting Cards - Artsy Em

Wildflower Greeting Cards - Artsy Em

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Wildflower Seed Greeting Cards from Artsy Em

🌼 Embrace Nature's Beauty an Sow Seeds of Joy with Our Wildflower Seed Paper Cards Collection!

🌿 Elevate your greetings with eco-friendly cards embedded with wildflower seeds.

🌸 Plant, grow, and watch as vibrant blooms blossom, creating lasting memories.

🌼 Perfect for special occasions and sustainable celebrations.

🌿 Designed by Emily in Steamboat Springs, CO

🌸 4.25" x 5.5"

🌼 Hand-designed illustration for a unique touch

🌿 Comes with a matching envelope for an elegant presentation 

🌸 Features a "Plant Me" sticker, inviting recipients to cultivate their own inner growth

🌼 Embedded with a mix of wildflower seeds, including lavender, carnation, rudbeckia, poppy, wild chamomile, and violas, symbolizing beauty and tranquility
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