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a locally owned and operated zero-waste market in the heart of Denver, Colorado.

We are on a mission to help the environment through reducing single-use plastics, while also uplifting people and their passion for intentional living.

We offer sustainable housewares, as well as bulk refills of eco friendly cleaning products and natural personal care items.

What's good for the planet is good for all of us.


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    Products that can be used in the kitchen for cleanup and organization.... 

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    Products for haircare. Shampoos, conditioners, styling products, brushes, combs. Also includes oils,... 

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More than 14 Million tons of plastic waste enters our oceans every year.

That's nearly a garbage truck load each minute.

Plastics have become ubiquitous with the convenience of fast-paced, modern living. Single use plastic packaging on everything from laundry detergent to shampoo, food containers, sauce packets, plastic cutlery, straws, bubble wrap and bags that protect our quick and easy 2-day deliveries, even the stuffing inside (and eventually outside) your pet's new chew toy, it's all designed to be used once then thrown away.

Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Not Quite.

Plastics don't just disappear as soon as we're done using them. For something intended to be so temporary, they have real staying power. Some plastics take over 500 years to fully biodegrade, and in the meantime they are littering our environment, clogging our waterways, and piling into our oceans.

If we don't curb our plastic usage, plastic waste will outweigh fish in our oceans by 2050.

As plastic decomposes, it breaks into smaller and smaller fragments, called microplastics. These tiny fragments are picked up and consumed by fish, birds, insects, and other wildlife, which not only harms them directly, but also impacts our food supply.

Microplastics have been found everywhere on Earth, from ice in the Arctic Circle to the soil of Antarctica, from the deepest trenches of the ocean to the top of Mount Everest.

And now, more and more studies are finding that microplastics are also in our bloodstream.

Find out more about plastic in our environment (and our bodies) by clicking the links below.

Plastic Recycling is a Myth

What about those friendly little recycle symbols on the bottoms of plastic containers?

The original recycling symbol was created in 1970 by a student at USC during a campaign sponsored by the the Container Corporation of America for their recycled corrugated cardboard boxes.

The symbol was quickly adopted and adapted by the plastics industry to make consumers feel better about using their products, knowing full well that normal municipal recycling facilities are unable to accept or recycle most plastics.

Of the 3 million tons of plastic that gets sent to recycling facilities in the United States, only about 5-6% gets recycled. The other 2.8 million tons are either sent to landfills or they are incinerated, sending toxic chemicals, microplastics, and carbon emissions into the air.

Technically, only the symbols with the numbers 1 (PET -Polyethylene Terephthalate) and 2 (HDPE - High Density Polyethylene) can be recycled, though the plastic deteriorates with each recycling iteration, and there is legitimate concern that the current recycling process is exacerbating the problem of microplastics in the ecosystem. A recent study found that a mechanical recycling facility produced an estimated 6.5 million pounds of microplastic per year, based on the analysis of microplastics in the wastewater.

This isn't to say you shouldn't recycle plastics if you have them. So long as our society continues to use plastics, mechanical recycling is really the best end-of-life scenario for these materials, and reduces the need to produce more and more and more plastic.

Are you recycling effectively?

Take the quiz below to find out!

Recycling Quiz

What Can We Do?

Ultimately, the best solution to the plastic crisis is to reduce our use of single-use plastics.

~ Reusing, refilling and repurposing plastic containers keeps them out of landfills, recycling facilities, and ultimately, our ecosystem.

~ Opting to buy products that are not packaged in plastic sends a message to corporations that we value the environment over convenience.

~ Participating in local composting initiatives and supporting zero-waste movements helps our local communities, and also demonstrates to government agencies that we are ready for change when it comes to caring for the environment.

Reduce, Reuse, Refill, Reform

This is how we can make a difference.

Click the links to learn more about composting and zero-waste movements in Denver:

Who We Are

Vesper and William live in the Baker neighborhood with their two rescue dogs and William's young daughter. They both feel very passionate about maintaining the strong sense of community in this neighborhood, while also adding their own unique contributions to the wonderfully weird vibrance of the South Broadway district.

Radical Self Expression and Conscious Living is at the heart of all they do, whether that's making art, starting a business, or simply pursuing a Life of Intention.


Vesper is a Colorado "Native", and groomed dogs in south Denver for over 20 years. Deep down she always wanted to make a difference in the environment through sustainability and conscious living, which lead her to the idea of opening a Zero-Waste market in her local community.

Vesper has always felt a strong connection to the outdoors, and loves exploring new places with a profound sense of wonder and curiosity.

She is also a crafter, and enjoys cultivating outfits from thrifted or secondhand goods, as well as making thoughtfully curated natural perfumes, candles and bath products for her friends and family.


William has been a business owner in Denver for nearly two decades, running an electronic musical instrument design and manufacturing factory - WMD. His outlook on life has changed over the 17 years of running WMD, and he wants to be more present in his community and help make the Baker neighborhood of Denver more environmentally conscious.

William also volunteers with his local Burning Man camp, with a focus on updating the electrical infrastructure to make the camp more eco-friendly. The camp this year featured an all-electric Art Car and solar panels. 

William also writes music, DJs, and even co-hosts an amateur DJ night at The Roxy, another South Broadway fixture. He would love to occasionally offer the basement of ReFillanthropy as a venue to showcase local talent, especially during the Underground Music Showcase.

  • We specialize in Bulk Refills By-The-Ounce on natural cleaning, laundry, and personal care products, as well as essential oils and teas.

    You can bring your own container or use one of ours, buy as little or as much as you need! We also offer pre-filled containers of many of our bulk products and "waterless" alternatives for grab-n-go ease.

    We carry a wide variety of sustainable housewares such as cleaning brushes and containers, as well as reusable, renewable, and compostable alternatives to single-use kitchen and bath products,

    We also have some eco-friendly gifts, plantable paper products, biodegradable pet supplies and eco-toys for your furry family members.

    Everything we carry is natural, fully biodegradable and/or *truly* recyclable, sustainably sourced, and sold in waste-free, compostable packaging.

    We aim to source as much of our inventory as possible from local vendors, small businesses, as well as women-owned and minority-owned brands. Many of our bulk items are "Closed Loop", meaning we are able to send back empty containers and have them refilled by the supplier, making them truly waste-free, from Brand-to-Bottle.

    ** for health and safety reasons, our bulk refill products are non-returnable, thanks for your understanding **

    Adios Plastic


    AloeUp Suncare

    Berlin Packaging

    Briut Essentials

    Brush With Bamboo


    Cheeks Ahoy

    City Maid Green

    Counter Couture

    David's Natural Toothpaste

    Dip Haircare

    Earth Ahead


    Ethical Global

    FD Market


    Full Circle Home

    Grab Green

    Heliotrope SF

    Humble Brands




    Leaf Shave

    Little Seed Farm

    Lovett Sundries

    Mama Suds

    ME Mother Earth

    Mirage Pet

    Mod Cabin

    Mountain Time Soap Co

    Muddy Mint


    Nature's Oil


    Plaine Products

    Plantable Greetings



    ReStore Naturals

    Rock Creek Soap

    Rustic Strength

    Ruut Goods



    Smile Boutique

    Spinster Sisters



    Symbiotic Products


    Taylor's Naturals

    The Tea Spot

    Viori Beauty

    Who Gives A Crap

    Yaya Maria's


    Zerra & Co.


  • .





    BEE-OCH Organics
    Colorado Aromatics
    Hyssop Beauty Apothecary
    Formulary 55
    Mason Jar Lifestyle
    JuniperSeed Mercantile
    Root & Splendor
    Spinning Star Studio
    Two Little Fruits
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