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All-In-One Bamboo Travel Toothbrush - ME Mother Earth

All-In-One Bamboo Travel Toothbrush - ME Mother Earth

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This all-in-one bamboo travel toothbrush and case is perfect for all your overnight trips and for those that love to pack light.

Made from100% renewable bamboo, this travel toothbrush is both lightweight and sturdy. Add to your toiletry bag for any trip or take it daily on-the-go. You can also buy just the replacement toothbrush head and keep the case portion for continued use.

Includes an air hole on the end for drying.
Bristles are bio-based - made from castor oil and infused with charcoal.

How to Care: Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial, but we recommend to air dry each piece on a towel in between uses for longevity.

Size: 4.75" in length for travel, 7" when put together and 7/8" in diameter. 
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