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All-Natural Straw Cleaners

All-Natural Straw Cleaners

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A must-have for your reusable straws to keep them fresh and clean!

Our All-Natural Fiber Straw Cleaner is a great alternative to nylon straw cleaners. It is a perfect tool to clean your bamboo, stainless steel, silicone, glass, or water bottle straw. The 100% organic & natural bristles are made from reclaimed coconuts or Agave fiber (sisal), woven onto a sturdy stainless-steel handle to provide a thorough cleaning every time. Also ideal for bottle valves and spouts in the kitchen.

Use the loop at the end to easily hang for drying afterward.

Available in 5mm or 10mm diameters, Agave Sisal (soft) or Coconut Fiber (hard)
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