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Friendsheep - Arctic Buddies Eco Ornaments / Fresheners

Friendsheep - Arctic Buddies Eco Ornaments / Fresheners

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Meet Sammy the Seal and Wally the Walrus, our whimsical arctic duo ready to slide and waddle into your heart!

Adorned with cozy beanie hats, Sammy flaunts a snug scarf while Wally sports a comfy sweater, making them the epitome of winter coziness. Wally’s mustache adds a touch of whimsy, showcasing their playful and fun-loving nature.

Handcrafted from organic wool, every fold and stitch is a testament to artisan craftsmanship. Their charming attire and friendly faces are meticulously brought to life using soap, water, and hand pressure. The hand-sewn details, from their beanies to Walrus's iconic mustache, give this pair a unique character and whimsical allure.

Arctic Buddies ornaments are part of our #adoptdontshop line of products, and every purchase directly benefits animal rescues.

They come with a hanging string, ready to add a playful charm to your decor.

Each Ornament measures about 3"x2.5"x1"

Not intended as a children's toy.
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