Pink Love Swedish Dishcloths

Pink Love Swedish Dishcloths

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Pink Love Swedish Dishcloths:

Show your sweetheart that you care for them AND the environment, with these stylish and eco-friendly Swedish Dishcloths!

Wipes like a cloth, absorbs like a sponge: an eco-friendly, reusable replacement for paper towels and sponges.

Super Absorbent - Absorbs more than 16x its own weight in liquids

Durable & Washable - Lasts 6 or more months, up to 200 uses

Instructions for use & care: Rinse clean & wring out after each use. Machine washable, gentle cycle - do not use bleach or fabric softeners.  Hang to dry.

Made from Natural Wood Pulp (Cellulose) & Cotton.

Available in Pink Diamonds or Smiling Hearts
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